Are we just another brick in the wall? 

Mr. Kline, the art teacher here at Field, recently started off his art classes with a project early in the year. The project was based off of Pink Floyd’s hit song, “Another brick in the wall”, and helped convince students that unlike what society tells them, we are all unique and have our own voice. We are not just gray building blocks in the structure of society. Students put their own twist on their bricks by writing their names on white pieces of paper and decorating it with their own personal taste.

When he was questioned about this inventive project, Mr. Kline stated,

” Every student in this school is a unique individual. None of them learn, act, or behave in the same way, so why should we treat them the same? It was meant to be a statement, that all students deserve individual treatment, that the students are not a brick in the wall, they are so much more.”

The featured image was taken by Abby Mortimer, the project is available to view in the D hallway. 

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