Volleyball Tournament

The varsity volleyball team had a tournament a couple of weekends ago, the first match that they played was Friday night, they won the first match in two sets. Saturday morning they did not have to be up too early, 10:45 am the bus left. It was about an hour bus ride, but they managed to pull out a win in two sets again! This put them in the championship game which meant they had to watch three other games before they played again.

As a team they were well prepared, coming out strong they won the first set. This was the first set that the opposing team has ever lost. The second set they lost but came back in the third set and won it. The MVP’s were senior, setter Sammy Eckhart; junior, labero Megan Smith; and senior, middle Jillian Piacella.

Sammy Eckhart says “playing together and working as a team made us win the tournament.”

She states that some things that the team could have done differently were that they could have talked more and won in two sets.

“The defense was amazing and making it a lot easier to get a set up for a kill” explains senior Sammy.

The things that the field varsity volleyball team lacked that day was communication on the court but only at certain points.

When  asking Sammy Eckhart, “what is the glue that holds this team together?” She says “the seniors by far.”

Good Job Falcons!



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