Artist spotlight: Nia Wolf

For most artists, art is a life style, something that their life tends to revolve around, whether wanted to or not. Many artists lie in secret, many not aware of their true abilities, and in an attempt to publicize their beautiful works, we’ve decided to put them under the Artist Spotlight.

For Nia Wolf, a Sophomore at our very own Field High School, has been practicing her art virtually all her life. As she states,

“I would like to do art, as in more than a hobby,”

Inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat, Nia’s works are full of bright colors and intriguing designs that are sure to capture any passerby’s eye. Each detail is sketched in perfectly making each work better than the last.

Coming from a family of artists, Nia goes to many art shows where her father, a large role model in her life, showcases many of his works.

shown above is Nia’s work of famous artist Frida Kahlo. A realism piece, its shaded quite to perfection, in grayscale format. The background, which is a pop of color in this work, is vivid and bright, surrounding Frida in just a way that gives her the main focus even though she’s not as bright as the grounds behind her.

Having the privilege of being able to browse through Nia’s sketch book, while not completely full (yet, and more so likely to add to the ever-growing collection of filled-to-the-brim wonderfully drawn art she has in her collection at home) each page with art is vivid with color and unique idea’s that showcase Nia’s artistic talent. Having a diverse range of styles, from colorful designs to realism, to things in-between, it was truly a pleasure to be able to look at all the fantastic works!

Depicted photos taken by Brice Sweazy

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