Visions of the Stars

Chapter 1

The clouds above the city of Allyn seemed to be swamped in the color red, causing the city to be encrusted in the crimson tone. Any other color was stained over, and impossible to pick out. Fire sprouted from buildings and shacks, causing what would seem like chaos, but no people were scurrying about trying to avoid the flames. The city was vacant. Except for the very front gate, there stood a girl.

To the hue around her, she stood out, not drenched in red. That wasn’t all that struck as unusual to any outsider: Her person was covered in star shaped scars, including one on each eye. Otherwise she looked like a normal peasant who lived in the city.

She marched into the town, with an expressionless face on, as if this were an everyday occurrence, but really, she knew this was just another vision transpiring through her dreams. The girl, Carina, named by the king after a constellation, knew what she had to do to stop this vision, find what caused the premonition’s event.

Carina had a feeling she would know what caused this incident, so she headed for the castle, which was left suspiciously unguarded, even for a chaotic, imagined city. The building was nearly in rubble, but Carina wanted the vision to end, so she paid no heed to the details. She waltzed through the halls, looking for anything that stuck out.

Suddenly a noise broke the concentration, it was a good sign that she was close. Keeping close to the wall, Carina peeked around the corner to see several armed guards surrounding a table. What was on the table, was unknown from her distance. To further inspect, she tried to cautiously creep forward, but ended up bumping into an unseen desk, causing a huge clamor.

“Whoops,” Carina mumbled as the four guards marched in her direction. In an attempt to scurry away, she ducked between on of the guard’s grasp, only to be caught by another. Carina wrestled to break free, to no avail.

The good news was, they were going to walk right by the table where the object should be stationed on. If she couldn’t grasp it, then she could at least examine it. To bad Carina was held above the ground, and not with the sentry closest to the table. 

Instead of fighting she let herself become completely limp, loosening the grip the guard had on her. Then, she kicked back, completely freeing herself. She darted behind the men and grabbed the item on the table, without glancing at it, and darted for the exit of the castle, which by now would have moved. The visions changed layout to make it more difficult to succeed.

No thought put into her path, she sprinted through the halls, which seemed to become longer and wider until she couldn’t see the end of them, and all the detail had left. Deciding to stop and glance at the parchment in the palm of her hand.

That was until the sound of a unsheathing sword behind Carina halted her. “So, you’re my obstacle to leaving, huh?” She uttered to the person behind her. Then, before confronting them, she announced, “I have to warn you, though, I have gotten very good at beating these dreams.

I’m going to leave this chapter here, but please leave a comment on how you like it! ~Morgan

Image from: Wikipedia website


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