Fall Activities

Fall is a time of leaves turning different colors and everything pumpkin imaginable. Soft sweaters, UGG boots, and scarves resurface, and they are welcomed guests. Easily the coziest time of the year, Fall is favored by many and enjoyed by all.

However, physically, it is the shortest season to appreciate. Luckily, it is such an interesting time Image result for apple orchardsof year. There are numerous adventures to explore. Pumpkins are the poster child of Autumn, therefore, there are many things to do based upon them and, closely related, apples. Pumpkin patches are a fun place to visit and pick out your favorite pumpkin to carve later.

Another thing to do is to go to a coffee shop. The ever favored PSL, and a number of pumpkin, cinnamon, and caramel drinks are limited and only sold within the season.

Apples are another beloved fall staple, as you can go apple orchards, drink apple cider, and make apple pies. If you are looking for an apple orchard with pumpkins, Beckwith Apple Orchards is a great place to visit.  The reds are beautiful and the weather is perfect, enjoy the shades of fall!

(Image from aspigroup.com)







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