HOCO 2k16 Trends & Tips

What’s Trending, and Tips to get ready for your perfect Homecoming: sherri-hill-32321-navy-1

Now if your scrambling for last minute ideas on Homecoming I’ve got some for you.

Popular Dresses: Two pieces are hot right now! Don’t forget that prints are in also, especially florals, along with rich wine shades, and burgundy. Nude colors, rose gold, and even ombre sequins are also trending this year.

Since it’s still warmer out, I’d select a shorter, cocktail style dress. Now if your petite gets cold easily, you can always go for a long-sleeved dress to stay warmer and to prevent goose bumps and the extreme shivers that cause you to freeze! However, if you get too hot, you can always get a different design that suits you like a halter neckline or a thin-long v-neck will be sure to make you hot at the dance, even a classic beaded top. Now if you want to dress a little risky you can try a backless dress, scoop-neck, strapless, or a tight bodycon dress.  Just remember it’s your dress, it’s your choice, just rock your own style, and most importantly be you.

For the shoes you will stand out in a pair of Converse or Vans hidden under your dress. You can go with classy heels, wedged, pointed, platf302005842_001-laced-flatsorms, or stilettos. However you like. If you’re clumsy or not good with heels you can stick with flats. Strap sandals are still in and you can throw on some heeled sandals to make your look more dressed up. Laced-up flats are styled that way to. Your shoes should work for you and be comfortable to wear.

You can dress it up however you want, accessorize! There are many things you can chose from earrings to bracelets. Try a choker for a edgy look. You can wear a bib or statement necklace to go big and bold. To be simple you could wear a pendant, long, and or multi strand necklace. There’s a variety of bracelet types here are some examples, beaded, bangles, stretch, and cuffs. Some shopping-statemnt-necklaceearring are studs, dangling, cuffs, and hoops. Don’t forget your nails! You can stop by a salon and get a manicure and pedicure. If so, acrylic nails are always a thing. If you can’t swing by a salon last minute you can solve that problem just by simply painting your nails. I shouldn’t have to mention this but they need to match the dress that you are going to be wearing to the dance! Now all these may contribute to your outfit and fashion choices.

The hairstyle you pick is an important part of your look. From there keep in mind the type of hair you have, long or short, curly or straight. Remember the fact that it’s windy and chilly out while you’re deciding on hairstyles and planning ahead for the night. So you can put your hair up to protect it from the potentially vicious winds, with the most obvious hair ties. Consider puttingwonderful-girls-prom-hairstyle-2016 on some hair spray, mousse, or even hair gel in your hair (tons of it) to hold it up and prevent a tangled, flat, or frizzy mess. Be ready for any weather. Slide on a headband, put on some bobby pins and clips for extra support. Hairstyles that are hot is the half up-half down look, braid crowns, braided  buns, sleek & straight, and all the curls!

Now last but not least the makeup! Besides doing you casual makeup routine you want to amp it up! Make it where your makeup can match your look which includes the dress, shoes and jewelry. https://blog.udemy.com/homecoming-makeup/ says that The secret to looking great for the night is that “You need to understand that when you use a light color to highlight and a dark color to minimize an area. Keep this in mind when you’re contouring or shading or applying foundation, highlighter, concealer, blush, or eye shadow.” Be sure to blend out everything with brushes, especially the highlighter and bronzer! If you’re more of the type for a “natural look” or nude shades add a pop of color with wedding-makeup-ideas-homecoming-makeup-2016bold lipsticks to stand out, like dark browns and red which are popular for the fall season. To make your lips look plump you can line them and fill them in with a matte lipstick or lip gloss. A special tip is if your light skinned darker pink lips and if your dark skinned light pink lips are a good choice. Smokey eyes are great for the big night. “Go easy on the glitter so it doesn’t clash with your dress” stated from Udemy.com. Trust me you don’t want anything to draw away from the main piece, your dress. Except your pretty face. To make sure the spotlights shine on you put on some glow or shimmery shadows.

Overall it’s a neon dance so don’t be afraid to wear white, It shows up well under the black lights. Neon too!

Rock the style you have in mind, be yourself, and do you!!!

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