Show Your “Glo Up” at Homecoming!

Field High School is holding The 2016 Homecoming in the gymnasium. The homecoming court consist of two students from Freshmen to Junior and ten Seniors. Five girls and five boys.

The Freshmen attendants are Mckenna Voiers and Caleb Francis. Mckenna is a starting Varsity volleyball player and plays softball.

“I can’t even explain, my emotions were everywhere when they announced my name,” Mckenna responded when I asked how she felt about being on court.

Caleb Francis is a starting varsity player for football. Caleb also plays basketball and is really excited about being on court.

“I was sitting in math when they announced it and I didn’t know how to react but I was genuinely excited.”
Caleb and Mckenna are attending their first dance together.

The sophomore attendants are Joe Boarman and Kiley Weis. Joe plays soccer and football and lettered in soccer freshman year. Kiley is a varsity softball player and plays volleyball.

The Junior attendants are Brenna Mastran a volleyball player and Trevor Lewis a member of the varsity baseball team.

Your senior attendants are Taylor peach, who has been apart of the varsity soccer team for four years, and the president of student council. Dominic Smith, varsity football and baseball player. Gabriela Shyne a member of The National Honors Society. Anthony Deny apart of the Varsity football team. Brittney Emery Varsity Cheer squad and cross country. Landon Westover Varsity football and baseball player, and member of The National Honors Society. Accalia Radeschi who has been dating another attendant Jake Fraley for two years and counting. Jacob Mills a member of 4-H for several years. Victoria Andrews who attends Bio-Med and is apart of the girls varsity soccer team.

Good luck to all Senior attendants!

Parents are able to come to the dance at 9:00 P.M to take pictures of the attendants being announced.


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