Homecoming 2016 Review

As most students of Field High School attended Homecoming in the past weekend, it is a topic well worth reviewing. The theme was “Glow in the Dark” and it was extremely well executed. Mrs. Dreger, Mrs. Ward, and Student Council were in charge of set up and take down, and it was a job well done. Mrs. Dreger’s creative mind and Mrs. Ward’s mindset of getting everything done and doing it to the best of her ability caused the dance to truly glow in the dark. The room was lit up with black lights and glow sticks and glow streamers hung from the ceiling. Not only was it different than anything FHS homecoming has ever seen, it was the best theme in three years

Image result for glow in the dark
Image from: The Wanted: Glow in the Dark on Youtube

The size of the group and how close the friends are usually decide how much and how ridiculous people dance. The most amount of fun is having a large group of your closest friends; you may dance anyway you like and no one will say anything because you are all together doing the same thing!

With all of that in mind, a great theme and close friends makes Homecoming what it is, and mine, what it was.

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