Fantasy Football

Nearly 75 million people play fantasy football a year. Fantasy football is a game where you draft professional football players to your fantasy team. You then have a league where you can face random other teams or your friends. You can operate it like a normal football team, making trades releasing people and added new players as the season progresses.

In the recent years companies have turned it into a gambling game. You can buy fake credits with real money and then create a team and depending on how good or bad the team does you can win money. You have the ability to win your money back and more depending on what league you join and how well your team does.

It has turned into a multimillion dollar business. New York has made it illegal to gamble on fantasy football. Some of the familiar websites are Draft Kings and Fan Duel. You can make a fantasy team in just about every sport you can think of. Fantasy football is an extremely trendy game and each year continues to skyrocket in the amount of users playing it. Image from:

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