Presidential Fallout

With the election approaching, many Americans are simply stuck when trying to decide who to vote for this November. It seems as if something is to go wrong no matter who is elected, but what’s the major fallout for each of the candidates?

Hillary Clinton, known for being the 67th Secretary of State, is the candidate running on behalf of the Democratic Party. Clinton is pro-immigration, thinks that “if you’re too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America,” and is willing to “fight to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans have full equality under the the law,” as stated on January 6, 2016. All of these traits seem like claims that any other candidate would make. So, what’s the big deal?

As just about everyone knows, Clinton is guilty of owning a private e-mail account which transmitted top-secret information to the FBI. Many Americans find her untrustworthy after this incident. Many theorists also speculate the health of Clinton, some even making claims that she will die of a disease while serving.

Businessman and television personality, Donald Trump, is the Republican Party nominee for this year’s debate. His campaign, running off of money that consists of 99% donations, and 1% PACs and other groups, guarantees to make our country “great again”. He believes that veterans should receive top quality medical care, wants to do something worthy with tax money, and is pro-life. So, what could possibly be so bad about Mr.Trump?

Along with being Pro-Life, Donald has continuously insulted women for wanting abortions, and simply over the way that they look. Many people with daughters aren’t up for raising their child with a president who isn’t even supportive of the way they look. Trump is also a supporter of anti-immigration.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists,” he says, shamelessly, about immigrants, during his campaign announcement last June.

People also tend to dislike Trump for his brutal honesty, and the way he tends to talk without thinking about what a logical response could be; especially recently, when a recording from 2005 was released about Trump bragging about using a woman to his advantage.

Many Americans are simply deciding to opt out of voting this year, due to a strong dislike of the candidates. Despite the problems coming from both of the candidates, we encourage you to vote, if you’re of age. Your vote could make a difference in the way our country functions.

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