Sport injuries 

Sports are one of the main reasons for injuries. Even if your injury isn’t that bad it is important to rest and let it heal properly. One of the most common injury is a ankle sprain. When dealing with a sprang you should rest it, ice it, keep it compressed, also keep it elevated.  If you don’t let it heal there is a high possibility you can make the injury worse.

      I know first hand. Eight months ago I sprained my ankle while playing soccer. I spite the pain I was in I kept playing on it. In those 8 months I kept reinjuring it. My mom took me to the hospital multiple times , and every time the doctors told me that I needed to just rest and let it heal. I didn’t listen and I eventually ripped a ligament. The tear was so bad the only way for it to heal was to get surgery. I am now in a cast and can’t play for six months. I now know how important it is to let your body heal so you don’t injure yourself any more than you already have. 
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Healing feet website 

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