Super Smash Bros. Club

Yesterday was the first official meeting of the Super Smash Bros Club.

This club is a non-profit, student created, student run program. It is held every Thursday in room E-2. (Mrs. Baker’s room)

It was started at the end of last school year by Scott Hall and Brice Sweazy. It grew a little over time and there was a decent turn-out. So far, around three people showed up. They claimed they expected a better turn out and are hoping more they get more people to play Smash.

The purpose of the club is to hang out, play video games, and just have a good time. It is also meant to take the stress out of school. Knowing at the end of the day on Thursday’s you can just head down to room E-2 and just have a good time.

Syd Parker was one of the people that showed up yesterday. “I was winning plenty of rounds with my sacred pink Charizard.” (Charizard is one the chooseable characters in Super Smash Bros)

“It was fun but it would be better with more people,” Syd explains, “Everyone did well, and it was a blast, if I had any suggestions, when you decide to show up, bring your own wii remote.”


(Wii MotionPlus not necessary)

Images from: Super Smash Bros Logo: The official Smash Bros website (; Wii Remote Picture: “Giant Bomb” Website (


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