Vision of the Stars Chapter 2

The sound of a unsheathing sword behind Carina halted her from looking at the parcel. “So, you’re my obstacle to leaving, huh?” She uttered to the person behind her. Then, before confronting them, she announced, “I have to warn you, though, I have gotten very good at beating these dreams.”

When she turned around, a figure of great nobility fearlessly wielding a sword at Carina. “King Noctis, I am honored to be in your presence again.” She nodded at the king. It may be a vision, but manners were always expected of everyone, even thieves.

The King didn’t show any respect back, and started to charge at the girl. Quickly, she leaped out of harms way, but her reflexes weren’t as fast as Noctis’s. He grazed her arm, causing a small gash. Thank goodness that she was in a dream, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t feel pain.

The pain pierced through her upper arm, but Carina held onto the cut, she used the pain as a focus point for a little sprout of magic. Without further delay, she put her back to the king and allowed her vision to swallow her up, until her star shaped scars began to glow.

This didn’t halt Noctis, though. He darted forward and pierce his sword through Carina’s stomach. Or he tried. The girl had disappeared from view, and as they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” The king, thinking his opponent was defeated, he receded from the vision.

Just beyond the hallway, stood the young woman, already viewing the item, a contract.

“Just a contract? How in the world did a contract begin chaos?” She inquired softly. Then stated: “I suppose I have to find out then.” Carina began to strut to the front exit of the castle, when there was a sudden earthquake, causing everything to topple back and forth. Many things fell and shattered from the vision, including Carina herself.

Waking up wasn’t an available option, simply impossible, so she just was stuck between dream and reality, the constant feeling of falling. In a far distance, she could hear someone talking over her, in reality. “Are you sure she’s okay?”

“She’s done this many a time. I suspect there was some turbulence when you tried to wake her. Don’t do that again, you could cause her to die.” An elderly man stated, then began to fade out as she was sucked right back into the red mess of a vision.

Image from: Disappearing Act; NASA website

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