Artist Spotlight: Grace Anderson

Today’s talented artist worth of mention is Grace Anderson.

Grace Anderson is a person with many talents, her artistic skills being one of them, along with being able to write, sing and play music. She is very skilled with various instruments, such as guitar, piano, ukulele and soon play the drums.

Aspiring to be a tattoo artist, and is currently getting an apprenticeship, Grace’s inspiration for this career path is how she is fascinated with,

“Putting art on people’s bodies forever.”

Looking at Grace’s art, you can see the fine lines and work she put in to make her portraits so detailed and life-like. As she states,

“I drew my first portrait when I was in 8th grade, and when I drew it, everyone knew who it was! It’s was so awesome that people could recognize who it was!”

From there on, she decided to spend a lot of her time working on portraits because in her opinion they were challenging. When further questioned about her inspiration she stated her reason to focus on portraits was because she loved the eyes.

“I think that eyes are just beautiful and it’s the first thing I notice about someone, it doesn’t matter what you look like.”

“That was one of the things I was thinking about and for years I just drew different eyes and then I thought, maybe I should start drawing the rest if the face!”

While not too many people are aware of Grace talents, her work is very inspiring! Each piece pops off the page with its realism and detail, and should truly be given the credit it deserves.

pictures taken by Syd Parker.

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