Vision of the Stars Chapter 3

Her head pounded as Carina attempted to pull herself off the ground. Fire lapped around her; it had grown since the last time she was outside the castle. Heat poured through the air. She had to get back into the castle, before it completely fell.

Carina’s were drawn away from building, though, and more towards the movement beyond the flames. Shadows, of what seemed to be living humans, etched their way toward the girl.

Still light in the head, Carina stumbled away without caution. Stepping nearly into the flames, she sought to hide in some rubble of a merchant’s workshop. Peering toward the shadows, she noticed they were wearing different uniforms than the other guards.

“They’re from the other kingdom,” Carina mumbled. Suddenly, an idea struck her. She emerged from the ruined cart, and tossed a rock at the two guards, let them see her, and then she sprinted off, further into the rubble.

Then Carina halted when she heard the two men approach. Without a word, she tossed the contract into the way of their path, causing them to slash at it. Thus, ridding of the problem.

Slowly, she was pushed out of her vision, with a rather large earthquake. That was way easier than some of the other dreams I’ve had, she thought. And just before she left, she gave out a huge sigh, allowing her to relax into waking up.                                                                                                                                                          ****

When Carina opened her eyes, a blast of sunlight draped the room. Getting up, she peered around the large warehouse, where her and other outlaws and thieves “Lived.” Close to her sleeping space, she noticed Will, the oldest member here, sitting with a young boy she had never seen before.

Must be the one who tried to wake me up, she reckoned. Then headed over to them. It was only when she got close to him, did she realize he had a star shaped scar on the back of his neck.

“So,” Carina calmly spoke, “You stole from the king, too?”

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