Students are “Flipping” Out at Field High School 

The latest thing at Field High Schools lunch periods is bottle flipping. When you have about 1/8th of water left you hold the cap and do a 360 degree flip for it to land on the bottom. 
Senior Landon Westover has become a professional. 

“It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle” Landon stated. 
His best record is 47 flips in a row. He has taken bottle flipping to the extreme. From flipping four at once to flipping one in front of the whole student body at the 2016 Homecoming pep rally. 

“That was my proudest moment” Landon shared. 
Landon would like to say

“Don’t let yourself get down, I’ve been down before, but did that stop my flipping? No I continued my passion and even downloaded an app so I can flip laying in bed. I can flip anything.” 

Photo taken by: Grace Cozart 

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