Vision of the Stars Chapter 4

He turned around quickly once he heard Carina’s voice. Giving him another look, it seemed he only had one star, whereas she had at least 35, counting the ones on her eyes. “Sorry for trying to wake you up, it looked like you were dying.”

Without emotion she peeked over the boy to William, who was sitting contently. “Hi,” the boy stretched his arm out, offering a hand  shake. “My name’s Cole. You must be Carina. The king argued about you a lot.”

She turned down the offer for the greeting, but asked her question again, “Did you steal from the king?”

Cole seemed to get uncomfortable, shrinking slightly under Carina’s glare. “Yes, but it was petty. And I see you’ve been to the castle many times.”

“Indeed, but not for me. I gave everything to the other outcasts in this warehouse.” Carina paused, and stared at the giant doors at the other end of the place. “Now if you excuse me, I have a kingdom to save.”

With that, she darted out of the conversation, and into the inner city. She had heard, a while ago, that the King Dreedes was coming from south, so her immediate reaction was to go north. Any good thief knows all people of a royal stature mean the opposite when they spread gossip.

It wasn’t long until she hit a trail, barely used. Perfect, she thought. She walked behind the brush along the trail until she heard the sound of horses in the distance. Carina crouched, out of sight, and waited.

Then, suddenly, she heard loud rustling beside her. She quickly turned and knocked whatever it was off its feet, then half ran, half crouched toward the carriage. Her attacker followed, very nosily toward Carina.

“Stop,” they yelled. It was Cole’s voice. She quickly lunged at him, and twisted his arm until he shut up.

“I’m trying to stop the kings making this contract!” Carina nearly screamed, but she kept it soft enough. The carriage wasn’t far.

“But it’s going to help the kingdoms!” Cole wailed.

“No, it’s going to destroy our kingdom. I know because I saw it happen.”

Image from: We Know Your Dreams website

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