Big Day for Cleveland

Tuesday, October 25 is a day that will be forever remembered by most Cleveland sports fans. It is the biggest day in Cleveland sports history. The 2016 Finals Champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be hosting their ring and banner ceremony. They will be revealing the banner that will be hung in front of the whole arena. Then their home opening game will start after the ceremony. The Cavs look to defend their title this year and win another championship. On top of all of this, the Cleveland Indians will be playing the Chicago Cubs in Game 1 of the World Series. Kenny Lofton, former Indians outfielder that played on the 1995 World Series reaching team, will be throwing out the first pitch on Tuesday night. A timeline for the night: at 5:00, Quicken Loans Arena will open and start welcoming fans. At 7:00, the ring and banner ceremony will start. 7:30 begins the tip-off between the the Cavs and Knicks in their first game of the season. Finally at 8:00, the Indians will host the Cubs in the first game of this World Series.


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