Artist Spotlight: Abbey Mighton

Today’s Artist who deserves recognition is Field sophomore, Abbey Mighton.

As Abbey states,

“I’ve pretty much been drawing all my life.”

Around middle school however, is when she started getting more serious with her art.

Abbey’s style is more cartoon-y, and she works both digitally and traditionally with her works. Her favorite traditional medium however is markers, with them drawing mostly,

“Cats or Undertale things.”

“Doing a quick sketch,” Abbey states, “Takes me about 15 minutes, but doing a full out project with full shading and stuff takes me about an hour or two.”

When asked what helps her along with her work, Abbey replied,

“Listening to music, like if its sad music, I draw a sad picture, angst-y music; angst-y picture, pepped up music; a happy picture, music really helps me concentrate on the art that I’m drawing.”

Abbey’s art is full of smooth lines and solid coloring. Her digital works are full of vibrant colors and great shading! Her cartoon-y aesthetic gives her art a unique vibe making it obvious to know what art is hers.

Wanting to pursue a career in art when she comes of age, Abbey aspires be a digital designer, illustrator or an animator.

Pictures taken by Syd Parker

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