Vision of the Stars Chapter 5

image by: Pixel stalk website

Cole stared in confusion, which gave Carina time to turn around and attack the carriage, which had suddenly draw close. Without checking if the boy went after her again, she flew open the side door and jumped into the southern king’s room.

The king shuddered back, with stains of tea splattered across his clothes. “Hey, I’m going to steal a couple of things, and leave the rest for the others.” She stated.

Shaking, the noble stuttered, “Others?” This made a small smile form on Carina’s face.

“Yea,” nodding before turning to the door. “The whole inner city is over run with thieves.” And with that, she jumped away and ran further into the woods. She could hear Cole chasing after her, until she nearly got to the entry gate.

He was practically wheezing when they stopped. “What did you even do?”

Without a word, she held her hand out to show a necklace that had a rose engraved at the end. Then ended up throwing it at him. “I don’t want or need that thing.”

Carina then entered through the gate and toward the warehouse. “Thanks, by the way,” Cole shouted to her. “For ‘saving the world’ or whatever.”

It a moment for Carina to process what he just said. It was the first time someone thanked her for stopping the future. She liked the feeling of being thanked.


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