Goodbye, Vine!

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This past week, the world of social media has been in an uproar of anger and sadness after the owners of Twitter have announced that they will be discontinuing their once popular app,  Vine, which allows users to make creative and humorous videos in only six seconds; in “the coming months.”

Many creators are also very upset with this announcement, such as Matthew Espinosa, who spoke out on Twitter about the incident. Tons of people were able to get their start on Vine as well by gaining a major following, including Shawn Mendes, Logan and Jake Paul, Alex Ramos, Jack & Jack, and Nash Grier.

The owners of the app then went on to thank all of the creators for the laughs and the hard work that they’ve put into every six-second video they’ve made, and then continued by saying that they will not be taking the website offline, and that “you’ll be able to access and download your Vines.” The owners also plan on notifying everyone who still has the app downloaded of any changes, and will most likely be posting updates on their Twitter page for Vine also.

Soon enough, we’ll have to say goodbye to a once beloved place on the internet, and let go of an era of laughs and smiles the app was able to bring many of people. Without Vine, we might not even know about some of the famous icons we do today.


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