Artist Spotlight: Valen Spangler

Today’s senior staring in the spotlight is Field’s Valen Spangler.

His art being heavily influenced on anime and other popular media, it’s  full of small thin lines and soft shading. Each work has the obvious look of Valen’s unique style.

When asked how he got into art, Valen replied with,

“I’m going to be honest, I was watching anime and in 2nd grade started watching Naruto and was like, ‘Wow! I’m going to draw this!’ and I drew.

Valen realized his talent a few years in, after his Grandma, an artist, told him that he had plenty of artistic potential. And from there he just kept on drawing.

Being Talented at both traditional and digital art, Valen doesn’t really have a preference. A finished piece can take him anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete.

Describing his style as a mix of Shonen and Shojo style, Valen’s advice was,

“Don’t let anime put you off from art because in the more recent years there’s been a lot of really  really well animated well drawn  intense things.”

Valen’s final statement was,

“Please don’t judge me because I like anime and don’t brush me off…”

All in all Valen is a very talented artist with a unique style and an interesting personality. He has a bright future in art ahead of him!

Photo’s taken by Syd Parker and Valen Spangler

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