Autumn Crafts

If you are one of those teens who like to make seasonal crafts, and then use them for a party or just hang around your house, keep reading. There are many Fall crafts you can make, especially because of the two holidays that occur during the fall season; Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Below are some unique crafts you and a friend can make to get into the seasonal spirit.

Spider Webs

-(required supplies include: 3 Popsicle Sticks, White/Silver Yarn, Small Plastic Spiders (optional amount), White or Silver Paint, Paint Brush, Glue)

Step 1) Paint all 3 popsicle sticks the color of your choice; silver/white.

Step 2) Glue the 3 popsicle sticks together, so that they are all pointing in different directions.

Step 3) Start in the middle of the sticks and weave the yarn through all 3 popsicle sticks.

Step 4) Glue the small plastic spiders on the “web” wherever you want.

Step 5) If you want, you can hang it up by tying a piece of yarn to the top of it.

Image from Pinterest

Maple Leaf Mason Jars

-(required supplies include: Leaves (real/fake), Mason Jar (or small container), Sponge Brush, Mod Podge)

Step 1) Apply the mod podge to 1 leaf at a time, then place it to the inside of the jar or desired container. Use 4-6 leaves for each jar.

Step 2) If you want, you can even put a fake light inside, so it can be used as a seasonal night light. Or, you could use it to give little gifts to someone: gift cards, small toys, money, etc.

Maple Leaf Craft Image.jpg
Image from Diy Home Life

Reese’s Turkeys

-(required supplies include: Reese’s Cups, Mini Reese’s Cups, Reese’s Pieces, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Candy Eyes, Plastic Baggie)

Step 1) Unwrap all candy.

Step 2) Melt 1/2 cup of the chocolate chips in the microwave for 15 seconds, then stir and repeat until nice and smooth.

Step 3) Put the melted chocolate into a plastic baggie and cut off a little piece of the corner.

Step 4) Squeeze a small amount of the melted chocolate onto the base of the Mini Reese’s Cup and place it on the far side of the regular sized Reese’s Cup.

Step 5) Squeeze another small amount onto the back of two candy eyes, then place them on the mini Reese’s, which will be the head.

Step 6) Squeeze another small amount on the side of an orange or yellow Reese’s Pieces, preferably orange, and place it on its side on the head, making the nose.

Step 7) Squeeze another small amount on 5 of the Pieces and place them on the opposite side of the head on the top of the regular Reese’s Cup, as the feathers.

Step 8) Let the Reese’s Turkey sit, until they are completely firm. If you can’t wait for the melted chocolate to harden, place it in the refrigerator and wait a couple minutes.

Step 9) Enjoy!

Reese's Turkey Craft Image.jpg
Image from The Cinco Peso Press

Feature Image from Pinterest

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