Top Halloween Costumes 2016

As previously determined, Halloween is a popular favorite holiday. One of the reasons is that people can dress up as whoever they want. Relishing in this freedom, people of all ages dress up and go out to enjoy themselves in whatever costume they may be wearing. Throughout the years, popular costumes are based upon a movie, television show, or what is trending on the internet.

This year, however, the most popular costumes were:

Harley Quinn and The Joker:                 A Pokemon Go Trainer:



A Ghostbuster:                                   Fin, Rey, or BB-8:

Of course if none of these fit your particular style, there is always any princess, superhero, book, or movie character all your own! Halloween is supposed to be an all-around fun holiday to be whoever you want, have fun with it!

Information from PopSugar and 100 Best Halloween Costumes


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