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Welcome To AwesomenessTV!

AwesomenessTv Media Company is now a multi channel network, ran by DreamWorks Animation, with co-ownership from Hearst corporation and Verizon Communications.  DreamWorks bought it for $33 million in cash, from the founders are Joe Davola and Brian Robbins. It was founded back in 2012. Verizon and Hearst’s job is in making “premium digital video content for mobile millennials.” informed  AwesomenessTvAwesomenessTV is an American comedy series that has it’s own spot on the Nickelodeon channel. They’ve produced comedy sketches, parody videos and even hidden camera pranks antics.

Season one of the AwesomenessTV series launched back in July 2013 and Season two in May 2014, which showed both with a total of 20 episodes each on Nick.

AwesomenessTv has 644,611 videos and 4 million subscribers!

Now if you’re waiting for new episodes, they usually air on the same day each week. Like the series “Out of My League” was every Monday. So, is the suspense and anticipation killing you to see what happens next? You’ll be sure that you don’t miss a new one when it comes out. I’m saying that if you’re late or early you don’t have to worry. You can always set notifications so you don’t forget! (My advice is if you still can’t find out when new episodes air, you can always find it in the description of the trailer or pilot.)  The best part is they make sure that NEW shows debut every single day of the week! Their shows usually have episodes that air each week. They consist of drama,  a little bit of horror, comedy, action and romance.

AwesomnessTV has had a lot of series. Clink the links for sneak peeks on what they’re about.

The dates listed are in order of the playlists on Awesomnesstv’s channel.

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