Russell Westbrook 

        At age 27 Russell Westbrook comes in 2nd place for CSN’s top ten point guards in the NBA right now. Westbrook was born November 12, 1988, he weighs 200lb, and is 6ft 3in tall. Westbrook has played 8 years in the NBA for Oklahoma City. After being drafted in 2008 in the first round select with 4th overall pick. Since then he has played 587 games and averages 21.5 points per game, 5.6 rebounds per game, and 7.6 assists per game. Westbrook is a 5 time all-star and 2 times NBA’s most valuable player. Westbrook has played on the United States national team twice, and helped win gold medals in the 2010 FIBA world championship and in the 2012 Olympic. It’s not much of a debate that Russell Westbrook is a savage when it comes to the game of basketball. 

Image from: News ok website 

Info from: NBA’s website 

                     CSN’s website 

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