Monthly TBT: November 2016

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1. Green Day’s “American Idiot”

Green Day, known for releasing an album almost every election year, made a powerful statement by releasing their 2004 album, American Idiot, in which George W. Bush and John Kerry ran for president, resulting in a win from Bush. The album contains two specific songs in which spoke out against the way the band was feeling about Bush’s presidency and the war in Iraq, titled Holiday and American Idiot, which the album was named after. The band recently released their 12th studio album, Revolution Radio,based on this year’s election, and the general violence that is occurring everyday in the United States.

2. Build-A-Bear Workshop– founded in 1997, these overpriced bears were all the rage in the early 2000’s. At least one kid was outside of the store crying nearly every time you went there, I’m sure of it. Not only did your parents have to pay at least $15 for an ordinary bear, but usually you’d want some overpriced clothes to go with that overpriced bear, because that wasn’t enough. And nearly everyone took a good 20 minutes picking out the bear’s name for its birth certificate, too.

3. Hey Arnold!- Known for its main character with a football-shaped head, Hey Arnold! is no stranger to a kid born in the 90’s and early 00’s. The show aired for 8 years, and consisted of 5 seasons. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can always tune into The Splat late at night on Nickelodeon and watch reruns of this beloved show.

4. Silly Bandz- Reaching their peak of population in 2010, Silly Bandz were beloved by kids everywhere, and might have even been the first thing that many kids collected. They came in all shapes and colors, and people always asked to trade with you during recess back in elementary school. What a waste of our parent’s money, considering the fact that just about everyone either forgot they existed, or can’t find a single one laying around their house anymore. But hey, at least they kept us busy.



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