Artist Spotlight: Toni Housas

Today’s artist worthy of recognition is Field sophomore Toni Housas!

Talented in both music and art, Toni plans to major in music through Kent State! She plays 8 different instruments including, piano, trombone, psaltery, guitar, bass guitar, violin cello and celtic flute. She got into so many instruments due to her loving Grandfather, who always gave her a new instrument at Christmas time.

Her artistic skills are not something to scoff at either! She prefers to draw realistically, having worked on a lot of  anatomy studies over the summer. She also has dabbled a lot in manga-like art as well. Each piece is full of thoughtful planning and plenty of small attributes that make her art style detailed and unique.

Her inspiration came to her when she was around ten and decided to start drawing.

“2 hours and several YouTube videos later,” Toni states, “and I was on my way. I’ve drawn ever since!”

She doesn’t plan to pursue art as a career, but she does plan to keep it as a side hobby. In the near future however, she is working on many projects, including mini sculptures and her lovely wolf picture! (Shown at bottom)

All in all, Toni is a very talented artist and musician and I can’t wait to see more from her!

Pictures taken by Toni Housas

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