Vision of the Stars Chapter 6

With caution they went through the gate, and headed for the warehouse. Surprisingly it hadn’t been that long, maybe an hour, since Carina ran out. She was starving and wanted some more rest. Visions get you no actual sleep.

Will would be glad to make them something. Carina glanced at Cole, who kept his face hidden from guards posted everywhere, more than usual. I’ll have to look into that. Carina noted.

Cole was strange. He didn’t even ask about her visions. Carina didn’t like it, or him. She wanted him out of the way, her way. None of the other thieves cared and she enjoyed it that way. Quickening her pace to get to “home,” she put space between the boy and herself.

But before she turned the corner to get to the entrance, an extremely loud scream caused both of them to stop in their tracks. Not exactly familiar, but it was for certain from the warehouse. A spur of the moment decision, Carina ran around the block, and to the hidden back entrance.

No Cole in sight. She busted through the rusted door, then hid herself behind a box. When she was able to, Carina watched as maybe fifty guards rampaged through the house. They grabbed as many thieves as they could, attaching ropes to their necks and hands, and then throwing them into a cage on a prison carriage.

“Now,” The guard that seemed to be the leader, “Time to plan all of your executions.”

Image from: Message to the Eagle Website


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