Election 2016

After long nights of debates and the country split over nominees, the people have spoken, Donald Trump is to be inaugurated in 2017.

2016 USA presidential election poster. EPS 10
Image from The Odyssey Online

In the end, 228 electoral votes went to Hillary Clinton and 290 went to Donald Trump. Many Americans crossed party lines in voting, as they disliked certain things about the nominee or his/her views. This election was extremely controversial.

Giving a back story of both candidates, Hillary Clinton is a Democrat, and has a large history in politics. She was the first lady of Arkansas, and later, the First Lady of the United States. Bill Clinton, her husband, was elected as president in 1992 and then in 1996. In 2000, she was elected into the Senate. In 2008, Hillary ran for president and after President Obama asked her to be Secretary of State, she accepted. Hillary Clinton has taken part, and led many great things for the country.

Donald Trump is a Republican, and has a large history in business and investing. He is a chairman to the Donald J. Trump Foundation and Co-Chairman to New York Vietnam’s Veteran Memorial Fund

Image from The Palm Beach Beat

“In April of 2015, Mr. Trump received the Commandant’s Leadership Award from the Marine Corps—Law Enforcement Foundation, given to him by General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”-A quote from Trump’s biography found on his website

He owns many buildings and has produced skyscrapers, hotels, and golf courses. He has donated a twenty-five acre waterfront park and a pier to New York City and then 436 acres in Westchester, NY and created a State Park with his name. Donald Trump is great with finances and business.

If you are interested in seeing the final votes and state by state polls, please visit: http://www.politico.com/2016-election/results/map/president

Information from Hillary Clinton can be found on HillaryClinton.com                                   Information of Donald Trump can be found on Trump.com                                                       Feature Image from Paperdue.com

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