Scrimmage Scrimmage Scrimmage!

The girls’ varsity basketball team has been having a bunch of scrimmages. On November 5th they had a their first scrimmage at Barberton High school and ended up doing well. They won three out of the five quarters that they played.

During the weekend on Wednesday November 9th they had a scrimmage at Cuyahoga Falls against East and Cuyahoga Falls. They ended up winning a couple quarters and losing a couple. After the scrimmage was over, they had pizza, salad, and cookies. Everyone was so excited to be eating after playing so many quarters of basketball.

During this past Saturday, the falcons hosted a scrimmage at our school with Akron East and Manchester. The girls’ just played Manchester a week before this and it was a good game. They ended winning more than losing any quarters. It was a good scrimmage for everyone, they were all playing together and trying their hardest. The outcome of working hard and trying their hardest ended up with a great win!


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