Artist Spotlight: Camryn Ailes

Today’s artist in the spotlight is Field Sophomore, Camryn Ailes!

Camryn found herself getting into art in elementary school as she states,

“In elementary school we just had art, about once a week and it became my favorite subject.”

Camryn works a lot with patterns and shapes in her art, usually incorporating bright colors and vibrant themes as well. She prefers to draw more safari themed things, such as elephants and other African  wildlife.

One of her works takes about 3 or 4 days on average, and you can tell the effort she puts into each piece! She uses very bold, smooth lines and her pattern work looks professional, each piece looking gallery ready.

While she doesn’t think that she’ll be holding a career in art, she did mention it as a possibility as her dad is an architect and she might consider doing something similar. What she aims on doing however, is getting into Forensics as a crime scene investigator.

Although Camryn may not make a living from her artistic passion, her art is exceptional and very recognizable due to Camryn’s admirable style!

Pictures taken by Camryn Ailes

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