English Display Case

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Campbell’s junior classes were to create a mini-project. They had to choose a piece of imagery/figurative language from the Puritan story, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards, and a project demonstrating their chosen imagery. They had the option to choose between making a little sculpture, using play dough or clay,or a hand drawn illustration, on construction or computer paper. The finished product had to be creative, colorful and had to clearly represent the author’s tone. Some of these projects are being displayed in the English Display Case across from Mrs. Sanzone’s classroom.

 Project from Holly Kotensky

Project from Olivia Speicher

If a student or a teacher would like to post outatanding students’ projects, then contact Mrs. Dreger at emily.dreger@fieldlocalschools.org

Thank you!

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