2016 Football Banquet 

Photo from Instagram, @austin_taylor_54

On Tuesday night all the families that had children involved in our football program came together to reflect on their 2016 season. Mike Geraghty started the night out thanking everyone there. Then each coach called up each player from freshmen to juniors to thank them for their commitment and hard work. Seniors were called up separately as the coaches reminisced on their past seasons. 

Our 2016 Field Football seniors included: Dom Smith, Landon Westover, Austin Taylor, John Scalise, Austin Black, Ryan Soem, Dominic Baggetta, Jaret Poth, Mike Tompkins, Jacob Godfrey, Jake Fraley, Tony Denny, Dakota Main, Nate Winters, and Spencer Doepel. The character award was then given out to John Scalise and Austin Taylor for their positive attitudes and dedication to always improve. The night came to an end with the showing of the highlight film. The players were then congratulated on a exceptional season. Even though they had a record of 3-7, the players played with their hearts and for that they were praised. 

Photo from: http://www.matsuk12.us/Domain/3216 

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