Some of 2016’s Biggest News Stories (Thus Far)

2016 was a year for change, and simple chaos across the globe. A record mass shooting, a presidential election, and several protests— this year sure was a unique one. With that said, let’s take a look at some of news stories that made up the majority of 2016.


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  1. The Orlando nightclub shooting: Over the summer of this year, a 29-year old security guard by the name of Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 others in a hate crime/ terrorist attack at Pulse; a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This issue broke the hearts of millions, and spread across the news like wildfire. This sparked the idea for many more pride parades and activities, to show that the LGBTQ+ community is proud to be who they are, and have even paid many respects to the 49 people the world lost that day.


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2. The Death Of Christina Grimmie: On June 10,  the 22-year old star known for her career debut on The Voice was shot dead by a fan who was known for being obsessed with her. The police identified her killer as Kevin James Loibl, a 27-year old who shot her while she was signing autographs after a show. According to Mirror, a witness of the shooting said that Grimmie welcomed her killer “with open arms”.


3. The Election of our 45th President; Donald J. Trump: On November 8th, Donald Trump won a close race when elected as our 45th president of The United States. This event sparked pure chaos among more than half of the residents and citizens of our country, and many riots and protests have broken out around the country. Hopefully Mr. Trump will be able to convince everyone that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to him being our president.


4. Crazed Clowns: In the month of October, many people were dressing up as clowns, and trying to scare people into thinking that they were going to kill them. A lot to take in with just one sentence to read, right? Well, in many states, it is now illegal to publicly wear a clown costume or mask, due to the incidents that have been going on pertaining to alleged reports and cases from people in almost every state.


5. Zika: On January 28th, scientists discovered a new virus carried by mosquitos called Zika. The disease is currently rare in the United States, but could spread if a cure still has yet to be found. The disease causes fever, rash, joint pains, and red eyes, and can even give birth defects to babies if a woman who is pregnant gets the virus.

Though this is only a few of the big events that occured this year, our nation has been able to grow and is trying its best to overcome what the world throws at us. In a little more than a month, we’ll be beginning our new year, which can hopefully be a fresh start for all of us. Here’s to a soon-to-be New Year. 






































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