Awesome Team-Ups

Awesome Team-Ups


Expelled Poster

Expelled premiered on December 16, 2014, directed and written by Alex Goyette and presented by AwesomnessTv. Viner Cameron Dallas is “Felix O’Neil” in the film. Cam has earned over 9.6 million followings, as he is one of the “Top 10 Users of Vine!” Cameron won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Viner” in both 2014 & 2015! Dallas also received the 2015 Teen Choice Award for ” Web Star: Male.” Later on that year, he won the “Audience Choice Entertainer of the Year” at the Streamy Awards. This past year Cam won the Teen Choice Award for “Social Media King.”At this rate we’ll be hoping that there’s many more to come as he walks up the path to fame.

T@gged’s Lia Marie Johnson is Felix’s love interest in the film, “Katie”. Among all her works on youtube you might have saw her in a few of “Fine Bros” (Fine Brothers Entertainment) Teen Reacts, Youtubers React and Kids React” videos. (there’s more on my other article about her)

Youtuber Andrea Russett had a small role for the part of “Vanessa” Felix’s brutal ex girlfriend. Andrea recently released her film “Sickhouse” in June What’s cool about her film is that it’s all documented and put together from a series of snapchat stories.

Matt Shively or “Danny” in the movie, has been floating around in the acting business since “True Jackson,VP” aired in 2004 and went all the way up to 2011! Many may have a brief memory of him as Ryan back then. Matt’s been from Nick to Disney in a matter of years, from his most recent film (besides Expelled) “How to Build a Better Boy” in 2014. Matt’s even been in a couple of horror movies, pick or choose”Paranormal Activity 4″ is one of his most known flicks.

Viner Marcus Johns is “Ben”, Frankie’s older brother. Marcus has over 6.5 followers on vine. He won a Shorty award for “Vineographer”in 2014. He has plenty of vines that can be played, over and over again. Teala Dunn plays Emily Vanessa’s best friend.

Felix is a class clown and infamous prankster and it’s all laughs until he gets himself expelled. One thing’s for sure though he has to find a way to hide it from his parents. He’s full of plans on how to do it. If not he’ll be shipped off to Military school at the Montana Mountain Academy, just like his brother . Felix will stop at noting to prevent that from happening. With the help of  Ben (his brother) who covers for him multiple times, as he’s a veteran rule breaker and trouble maker. Ben knows all the tricks. Danny helps in with his hacking abilities cause he’s always there to help Felix with his ridiculous plans. Vanessa’s a TA so she’s got the inside on the principle. Katie’s there through out to ease up things for Felix and bring pizza. The real question is, what will the do with what they found on the principle?

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Hulu and Awesomness Tv Productions joined forces and came together for a modernized version of TWD in some ways. A zombie apocalypse broke loose as a community’s chemical plant was set a blaze, immediately after a toxic gas began to fill the air. A group of high school students are stuck inside with no way to contact help. They have to find a way to survive the mutant “freaks” without getting even a mere breath of the air, or else they’ll become one too. It came out October 10, 2016.

Vine Star Benjamin “Hayes” Grier plays “Noodle Nelson.” You might have seen him on ABC’s “DWTS” (Dancing With the Stars) alongside professional dancer & choreographer Emma Slater #teamslayes! You might also recognize him from his brother Nash’s early vines that have grown popular, he has a few good ones himself too. Premiring soon on go90 is “Top Grier.”

Meghan Rienks is “Zoey Parker.” Meghan has over 2 million subscribers from “Side Effects” to “Shipping Julia.” She’s earned many views from working for “ClevverTV,” where she’s most known for her fashion and beauty tips on “Clevver Style’s Beauty Break.”

Leo Howard has the lead as “Grover Jones.” His acting career grew up on Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It” back in 2011, where he was Jack.

Adam Hick took on the part of “Diesel.”  Adam was in the well known Disney D com “Lemonade Mouth” in 2011 and “Zeke and Luther” back in 2009. He got his big break in “How to Eat Fried Worms” way back in 2006.

Well known Viner, Melvin Gregg, with over 8 million followers, was “LeShaen Devereux.” He was also on National Commercials such as Nike, Sony, Google, and Gatorade.

Muser and Vine star, Liza Koshy has more than 4 million followers and 3 million followers on She was Grover’s love interest in the film “Violet Adams.” Liza’s so popular for her relate-able content.

Now the series can be watched on Hulu.

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