Haven Of Rest Field Trip

On Thursday, November 17, Student Council went on a field trip to the Haven Of Rest, which is a homeless shelter for men, women, and children. The Haven Of Rest is Christian based and because of this they are not government founded, everything they receive comes from donations.


While student council was there we got split up into groups. One helped in the food department, another  helped make beds and clean, an additional group helped in the clothing department. The shelter helps feed and clothe those in need of help. During the time student council was there, I got a chance to interview Rebecca Carney who was working in the clothing department. Carney told me that they don’t always have enough donations especially during the winter when they don’t get many gloves and hats for men.During our visit we were given a tour where Lori Morgan told us that they receive about 52,000 pounds of clothes a month. Haven Of Rest also helps feed about 600 people a day with only seven staff members and about 50 volunteers.


The homeless shelter also gives men and women the opportunity to take classes that will help teach them things they will need to know to get into the work force. Heaven of Rest miraculously does all of this on a 9.1 million dollar budget.

There are many reasons people become homeless: they could have an addiction, they could have lost their job, or they could have a medical problem. The number one reason women and children end up homeless is from domestic violence. Many people reach out to them in desperate need of help. There are two kinds of people who stay there. One of the groups is called clients , which come for emergency services and can only spend the night there five times a month. The other group is called residents, which have to sign a contract and can stay there as long as they need.It is astounding how much this organization helps give to our community.

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Information from: Lori Morgan and Rebecca carney
Photos from: Aly Jordan and Jan Pluck

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