Black Friday

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As you already know, the biggest, hottest deals are came out on Friday. Granted, Black Friday now begins on Thanksgiving, but deals are spread throughout the day and weekend! Black Friday is a largely practiced shopping spree by teenagers, families, and friends nationwide.

It is said that about 154 million people went shopping, spending a little less than $300 each on average. $3.34 billion dollars were spent on Friday, breaking the $3 billion mark. Apple, Samsung, and Amazon products became the majority of things purchased.

The difference of this Black Friday compared to others is that although the large amount of money was spent, a majority of the sales came from online consumers.
Amazon reported that more things were purchased from the site on Thanksgiving rather than Cyber Monday.

Image from North Shore Commercial Door

Target reported the sale of 3,200 televisions per minute within the first hour of being open on this day.

16,000 people went into Macy’s Herald Square flagship store upon their opening.

Walmart reportedly sold 150 million pounds of turkey and ham as well.

Whether a small or large company, this nationwide shopping phenomenon will reach it.

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