Michael Oher

Have you seen the movie ‘The Blind Side?’ The movie is based on Michael Oher, his life, and his journey to becoming an NFL Football Player.

Michael Grew up in an unstable home. He lost his father when he was in high school and his mother was an addict. Michael and his siblings were occasionally in foster homes and sometimes homeless.

When Oher was 16, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took him in their home and raised him as if he was their own. They eventually became his legal guardians. They helped him finish school and grow as a football player.

Oher became so good at the sport and got offered many scholarships.Michael ended up going to the University of Mississippi.

Michael had a great football career at Mississippi and in 2009, he was drafted to the NFL to play for the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, Oher plays for the Carolina Panthers in a three year contract and is a well known pro football player.

Michael’s story is touching and to see how he overcame all of the struggles in his life is really inspiring. He and his new family never gave up on him and with that he went far in life.


Info from Biography website.

Photo by: abcnews.go.com







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