Vision of the Stars Chapter 7


With hearing the threat of the guard, Carina decided to stay hidden in the back of the warehouse. Although, she could hear more people searching close to her spot. As quiet as possible, she scooted toward the exit, hoping not to be spotted.

“Found the girl!” Screamed a guard. Not quiet enough. She sprinted out through the door, but didn’t go out of ear shot. “Should we go after her, sir?”

“No,” said the commander. “She’ll show up for the executions. Maybe even sacrifice herself for the sake of others. That’ll make her as foolish as the king makes her out to be.” Anger fueled Carina.

Oh I’ll show up. But there will be no deaths but your own. She thought. Planning for her actions, she realized this could be a two thief job. Carina’s thoughts turned to Cole, who shouldn’t be far, and hopefully not dead.

She ended up going to the market in an outfit that hid her scars. The market had things perfect for the plan, and it also had the “Hanging Tree,” as the town called it. You probably figured out it’s use already. It was a podium made of wood with a hut like building underneath. A stool was placed in the middle and a rope above it.

A sword and a dark cloak was all she needed. By then, Cole had found her and discussed the plan, a stupid one in his opinion. “That’ll never work,” he whispered. But Carina insisted.

He used the sword to put a small dent on the rope, enough to be able it apart with enough force, but not enough to be noticeable. Then placed it back on the tree. The sun was almost at its highest peak, which mean it was almost time for her plan to take action.

Quickly she opened the door to the underneath of the tree, sword in hand. Cole, above her had put on the black cloak. Soon, the executioner, in similar clothing to Cole, got up on the tree and began speaking to the boy.

“I’m taking these ones, today. First execution, you know how it is,” Cole began to drag on an on with chatter when Carina used the handle if the sword to signal for Cole to hurry up.

Looking around for what had caused the noise, the executioner questioned, “What was that?”

“Must be someone down there, you should check it out, being more experienced than me, and all.” Cole said trying his hardest to stay serious. The man walked down to the underside of the tree, opened the door and BAM.

He was unconscious, with a hard hit to the head. Carina put him in the far corner away from the door. Now she could hear, not far away, the sound of the wagon carrying the thief of the warehouse.

You’re in for a big surprise, commander. 

Image from Pinterest website, The World’s Catalog of Ideas.

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