Artist Spotlight: Morgan Troup

Today’s weekly artist is Field sophomore, Morgan Troup!

Gifted as a talented writer and artist, you might know Morgan from her segment in News on the fly, Vision of the Stars. Being know for writing mostly fiction and fantasy pieces, Morgan’s inspiration comes from her dreams. As she states,

“I have a lot of weird dreams, and sometimes when I wake up in the morning I’m like, ‘that would be such a great idea to write about!'”

Morgan’s writing style is very unique and occasionally pulls inspiration from her favorite authors such as Erin Hunter and J.K Rowling.

Seeing herself as a future author, rather than an artist, Morgan prefers to write rather than draw.

However, when drawing characters from her stories and of her friends, Morgan states,

“My style, I guess would be Chibi which is basically adorable little people.”

Morgan’s love for writing and drawing sparked while in 6th grade. Based on these passions, she then set her career goals in place.

All in all, Morgan’s talent as both an artist and an author is clearly visible when looking at her work. Her art features a cutesy style that’s very pleasing to the eye and her writings are so full of adventure, it’s hard to see her as anything but talented!

Pictures taken by Syd Parker



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