Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time of the year favored by many. There are family traditions, beautiful lights, personally picked presents, and delicious feasts. Children squeal with joy at the sight of the presents while their parents reminisce of their own childhood Christmases. People stress, and people scrounge to get the perfect presents and have the perfect day for their loved ones, but once it is Christmas, all is worth it. Christmas seems to bring out the best in everyone, because the time of year is known to be “magical”.

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Everyone has a Christmas tradition, whether being as small as opening a present on Christmas Eve, or as large as working and organizing a holiday charity dinner, all are special. The most popular Christmas tradition is decorating the Christmas tree, along with Santa Clause coming on Christmas Eve with his reindeer. Christmas parties may fall under tradition, or kissing under the mistletoe. Another tradition may be gathering the family for a Christmas dinner, often including ham, turkey, and mashed potatoes. Christmas cards with a family photo are also given wishing luck for the holidays.

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