Sports Benefits

Playing a sport benefits you in many ways. It teaches you life skills that can improve your everyday life.

Sports can help you do better academically. The skills you learn from playing a sport, such as memorization or focusing, can be carried into the classroom.

Playing a sport also helps you set and achieve goals. Throughout the season, you work to get better/ improve your skills and to win and try your best. Setting and reaching goals is a skill that you will use throughout your entire life and you can start using and practicing those skills through a sport.

One last way sports benefit you is that it can help with your health. Getting out and exercising is important. It is also important to make sure you are healthy and fit in order to properly play a sport. Taking steps toward being healthy, such as eating healthy or not smoking, will improve not only your athletic ability but you everyday life.

In an interview, I asked Jillian Piacella how sports have benefited her life. She responded, “Playing sports has made me socialize more and helped me make friends. Sports have also helped me work out and be active throughout the year.”

Extracurricular activities can benefit your life so consider  playing a sport!

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