Tournament at Andrews Osborne Academy!

The girls basketball team had a tournament at Andrews Osborne Academy over the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The girls left school early on Friday morning at eleven am to make to their game, an hour and half away at one pm. The girls ended up taking a tough lost.

Junior captain Katie Darling states, “If we would have played harder the outcome could have been different.”

It was weird for the girls to leave school early to go play a basketball game. With the girls losing on Friday it put them in the losers bracket. That meant that their game Saturday morning was at eight thirty am. That meant that the girls had to be at the bus at six thirty am. The girls were not very happy about that.

Captain, Emma Parsons says “We should have won the game on Friday and we wouldn’t have to be on the bus this early.”

Playing early Saturday morning the girls won the game putting them to play at eleven thirty on Sunday morning. They ended up winning the consolation bracket. And senior captain, Jillian Piacella got the MVP reward. The girls record is now four to two. Keep up the good work!!

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