Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Cook

Today’s artist worthy of recognition is Field Freshman Elizabeth Cook.

Skilled in the arts of music and drawing, Elizabeth is both a percussionist and an artist.

When asked how Elizabeth got into art, she responded with,

“My whole family is into art and my Grandma ends up giving me lots of supplies so I ended up just figuring out what to do. I’m always always trying new things and putting them together.”

Elizabeth’s style is realistic but with a twist on how she colors things, as student Morgan Troup commented upon looking at the beach piece (shown below).

“It has a really realistic feel to it. I feel like I’m actually there!”

It takes Elizabeth about a day to finish her fine art works as she likes to paint Christmas or Birthday presents for her family and friends, finding it more thoughtful and in respect of the amount of time and effort put into her works.

Her favorite medium for her art is paint, preferring acrylic and water colors for most of her pieces. Her work has incredible detailing that can be very hard to accomplish with Elizabeth’s chosen tools, but is pulled off incredibly! Her work is very inspiring and you can clearly see the potential of an artistic future career.

Not looking for a main job in art however, Elizabeth aspires to be a marine biologist when she goes to collage but hopefully will continue to work on her astounding art.

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