Band Concert(s)

Our band has now been practicing, for their upcoming Christmas concert, for a little over a month. They have put together 5 songs to perform. These songs are Sleigh Ride, Christmas Fantasia, Sounds of the Season, Greensleeves and the song they will perform with the choirs, Rejoice! They are very excited to put on a show for the other students, staff members and families. The concert is on the 18th of December in the FHS gymnasium.

Image from the Theme My Party Website

A few weeks ago, Miss Soulsby had requested a few band students to play an antiphonal piece along with the middle school band. These students are: Toni Housas (10th, 1st trombone), Brendan Roberts (11th, 2nd trombone), Tony Loren (12, 1st trumpet), Brendan R. (9th, 2nd trumpet). Mr. Collins and Mr. Favalon, the student teacher, will also be assisting them in a song called O Come All Ye Faithful! The middle school concert is on the 13th of December.

“It’s gonna be huge!” says Abby Mortimer, sophomore and french horn player. “Everyone has been practicing so much. I hope everyone can see how much we have all worked on this!”

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