Senior Spotlight: Landon Westover

Images from Instagram @lando_commando_

Field high school senior, Landon Westover. This varsity running back and linebacker has played football for a total of six years. Landon also has played centerfield in baseball for a total of thirteen years and wrestled for six years. When asked which sport he enjoyed the most Landon responded, “My favorite sport is football because I love the teammates and the Friday night lights.” 

This team player is also a member of national honor society which is a program for high schoolers that is focused on scholarships, leadership, service and character. NHS groups are active in community service activities in school and throughout their community. Being a member of so many sports and activities, Landon is very busy, but he also makes time to participate in his church youth group. When I asked Gracie Cozart her thought on Landon’s dedication she responded with no hesitation,

“Landon Westover is the most dedicated person I have ever met. He puts one hundred and ten percent effort into everything he does, and deserves every good opportunity that comes his way and will continue to in the near future.” 

This high school senior looks to his cousin Brett for inspiration. Landon’s goal is to make others happy, and I think we can all agree that with his positive attitude about anything that comes his way, he is. 

Information from Landon Westover and Gracie Cozart.

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