Buying Gifts for Family

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When it comes to gift buying, people tend to know what to get their friends, but do we really know what to get our own family members?

According to the StarNewsOnline website, the average person in 2015 spent $805 during the holidays. These numbers have substantially increased since 2009 and will potentially grow with inflation and the high priced gifts on some kids’ wish lists this year.

Also according to the StarNewsOnline website, people spend 7x more money on gifts for family members than co-workers. This being said, the majority of those people could be parents, but for the younger crowd, such as ourselves, it may be hard to find the right gift for our relatives.

When asked about tips for buying gifts for relatives Syd Parker states, “Actually understand what they want but keep your budget under control. Heartfelt gifts are more important than spending a lot of money. Also, if they haven’t seen it, you can still regift it. Gift cards, while not very heartfelt, are a decent idea. Meaningful notes or baking things are the way to go. In conclusion, if you don’t have a lot of money, don’t feel obligated to buy expensive things.”

So before you buy gifts this holiday season, keep these tips in mind!



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