Chapter 8 Vision of the Stars

Image from The Wall Paper Website

As the wagon approached the Hanging Tree, Carina made sure Cole was in his proper place, right above her. The captain, who goes by Genos, marched onto the platform of the tree, and began to quietly converse with Cole.

“Good sir, is everything ready? Even the the men surrounding the outer line of the square are prepared for the star girl?” Cole, nervously,  nodded in agreement, unable to make a sound. Genos, although he couldn’t see Cole’s face, knew something was wrong. He went along with it anyways. He certainly didn’t want to keep his “star pupil” waiting.

Genos beckoned the guard holding Will. “This old man is a thief, and took care of the Star-Eyed Traitor. His punishment is death by rope!” He called to the growing crowd of citizens. Cole put the noose around Will’s neck, and then a gentle pat on the back, hoping to signal to him that he would be alright. The old man shrugged it off, not taking it as an act of kindness.

“Open the hatch and kick the stool!” Wailed the head guard. Cole did as he was ordered, and Will hit the ground below, slightly bruised, but the rope had broke right in time so that he survived.  Carina moved him closer to the door, and gave him a sweet smile.

Smiling back the old man mouthed a thank you, and he crawled out of the cramped space, and, hopefully, to safety.

Carina turned back to the still open hatch of the space and pounded on the roof, before another prisoner was brought to Genos. The man looked down, saw Carina and screamed to his guards to attack the beneath of the tree. Carina climbed the rest of the rope, to the to platform and slashed the sword across Genos’s front chain mail armor.

Then, without hesitation, sprinted to a high dense forest where she would have the advantage of the fight.

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