Many know that family’s are not as fortunate as others, not only around Christmas time but all the time. Field High School wants to encourage you to get out this winter and find charities asking for help durning this Christmas season. 

Charities ask for many things, for example tooth brushes, underwear, coats, shoes, money etc. These things help out with their daily living and sometimes things they’ll only use a couple times of year.  

Charities asking for help near us are “The Haven of Rest” asking for volunteers to come and donate not only their time to the people staying at The Haven of Rest but to also donate items like blankets. Another charity is “Operation Smile” asking for money donations to help pay for the surgery kids need. One last charity looking for help is “Toys For Tots” asking for toys for kids. You can search the nearest drop off for you. If you choose to not buy accessories for families need or donate money, think about buying canned foods. Many charities accept canned food all year around. 

I asked Field High School student Isaiah Prather if he thinks it’s important to donate to charities, he responded with

“Yes, it is important to give to others because not everyone is as fortune.” 
It’s important to know that any amount of money or amount of things donated does help. Just a little bit can go a long way. Families in need are very grateful for the kind people generous enough to go out of their way to help and any donations made to the organization they are currently living in. 

Keep in mind that things donated should be brand new for the families. Field High School wishes you the happiest of holidays! 


Information from: Isaiah Prather 

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